motherland is a place to find uncommon forms and flavors for your table. The selection will be ever-changing as new relations form but it will stay true to representing artisans from a nearest and dearest part of the world where Neptunian Turkey meets its neighbours. Let’s start with table and kitchenware made by hand in Aegean coastal towns, herbs collected in Greek islands, preserves and syrups bottled in Lebanese mountains and olive oil from 2000 year old trees native to Palestine. Their makers share the same ice-blue waters, rugged cliffs and ancient groves that make up the idyllic land they care deeply for. They are small farmers and manufacturers. They inspire me, hope they inspire you too.


this is me

I design, draw, write. I cook. I try to choose everyday objects carefully and use them wisely. I am picky, just like my mother, and her mother. 

I grew up in Turkey, in apartment flats always crowded with extended family and friends. I spent my childhood summers in small towns along the Aegean coast, basking under the hot sun like the lizards I chased with my friends in between long lunches and even longer dinners. There are certain smells, flavors, atmospheric conditions my mind wanders back to whenever I crave a sense of belonging and this is what motherland is all about. 




Photo of three ladies in the home page slideshow was taken in Imbroz ("craggy Imbros" as Homer called it in The Iliad) by dear Sitki Kosemen

Photo of family gazing at the sea in the home page slideshow by dear Sitki Kosemen