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Canaan’s Za'atar mix is made of oregano, roasted sesame seeds, and sumac. It is prepared in women’s cooperatives using ingredients from small family farms in Palestine that are part of the Canaan family.

Za’atar and olive oil with fresh bread has been the daily breakfast for these families for ages. A common popular saying in Palestine is that Za'atar makes you smarter and that is why Firyal, a Canaan Fair Trade Member of Jalameh Village women Cooperative, like most Palestinian mothers, includes in her kids school snack bag at least one small sandwich of her handmade Za'atar and olive oil. 

Canaan's Za'atar is so flavorful, green and alive. It is hard to compare it with the Za'atar I used to buy, that comes in big, dusty plastic bags.

I sprinkle Za'atar on eggs, olives, avocados, tomatoes, yoghurt, spreads and salads... It is also a great marinade for chicken. If you don't eat chicken, try it with cauliflower. 

2.3 oz / 65 gr

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