Marbled Plate N.3

Marbled Plate N.3

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These plates should be left elegantly sparse, with a few pieces of good cheese.

Lovingly made in Jerusalem by Palestinian artist and ceramicist Inas Halabi. Inspired by traditional ways of working with the clay, Inas relies on hands on techniques which include coiling, pinching, and slab building to allow for shapes that can’t be created on the wheel to emerge. 

Inas's Marbled Palestine collection is created by mixing and wedging 4-5 types of earthenware, recycled from her studio. Due to their handcrafted nature, each piece in this collection is completely unique and may vary slightly in size, shape, texture and color, all depending on the bake of the day.

Sold individually.

9 inches across.

Although they are dishwasher safe, it is advisable (and joyful) to wash fine ceramics by hand.