The Sweetest Peppermint
The Sweetest Peppermint

The Sweetest Peppermint

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How could one not love Greek mythology? The nymph Minthe gets transformed into this popular kitchen staple by Persephone, after she tries to fool around with the goddess' husband Hades. Daphnis & Chloe sources their sweet peppermint from the Minthe's old stomping grounds, the foothills of Mount Minthi. The leaves are not pulverized so that they can preserve their aroma until you rub them with your fingers to release it. To me that is what sets them apart from the generic brands. 

I can not think of mint and yoghurt apart, I grew up eating them together in the form of Ayran (the frothy yoghurt drink), Cacik (the cool yoghurt and cucumber dip), warm bowls of yoghurt and rice soup, on dumplings, the list goes on... 

Later in life I learned that the combination of mint and yoghurt could act as a miracle cure for bone loss.

If all this sounds too complicated, simply infuse mint leaves in hot water for their soothing effect on troubled stomachs. When I was a kid, sick days meant no school and mint tea all day! On better days, crumble some on your lemonade. 

Net weight: 12 g / 0.42 oz

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