Rumi Olive Oil
Rumi Olive Oil

Rumi Olive Oil

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The name Rumi here does not refer to the beloved poet, but to the ancestry of  Surri olive trees that dates back to Roman times. 

Native to Palestine, Surri trees are 1000 to 2000 years old and they are still bearing fruit. Their massive, gnarly trunks is a manifestation of their tenacity and Palestinian farmers' commitment to traditional agriculture methods. 

Rumi is robust and pungent with a peppery finish, save it for for dipping and drizzling. It comes in a slender glass bottle that should be repurposed. 

No cross pollination or GMO, Certified Organic, Extra Virgin and cold-pressed.

500 ml 

“I don’t want people to buy my oil because it is Palestinian. I want them to buy it because it is the best.” Abu ‘Asim, from 'Asira Al Shamaliya

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