Rose Water

Rose Water

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I have a fondness for making and eating delicately shaped Ma'amoul cookies and I have always loved the idea of baking with rose water, probably more than rose water itself! Is it necessary? Too perfumey? Too overpowering? 

Until I opened a bottle of this. Mymouné's rose water, distilled in traditional stills using handpicked Rosa Damascena petals was a far cry from the sultry bottles of rose water I have been pretending to enjoy. It smelled like the way air smells, in a rose garden. I wanted to wash my face with it. 

Rose water could be used to improve cake or cookie batters, or creamier things, like ice creams and puddings. It goes very well with berries and stone fruit. It is a fun addition to cocktails and teas, hot or iced. Traditionally, an ancient Middle Eastern herbal tea, Zhourat, is taken with drops of rose water the afternoon. Persians use it in savory recipes along with saffron.  

Use sparingly, a little goes a long way. Your bottle should last for a long time.

Mymouné's rose water is 100% natural, free from chemical additives, preservatives, artificial essences or colorants.

A thing about Mymouné packaging: Much like the product itself, it feels very homemade. Labels might not be centered on the bottle. :) It adds to the charm. 

25 cl. / 8.45 fl oz

2 x 2 x 9 inches glass bottle

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