Mulberry Syrup

Mulberry Syrup

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No other fruit other than the ambrosial mulberry fills me more with sweet nostalgia for my childhood. Shaking the huge tree in our front yard, white sheets laid under to catch the fruit, street vendor screaming its name, ladling a mess of it into plastic cups. Sticky hands, crimson mouths.

Made from local mulberries that are picked at high altitudes of Lebanon's Mount Sannine, this syrup is pleasant, not overly sweet. It is a wonderful topping for oatmeal and pancakes. Stir it into yoghurt like my daughter and I always do. Sneak into vinaigrettes to brighten them up. Dilute 1 unit of syrup with 6 units of still or sparkling water for sipping.

Mymouné's mulberry syrup is 100% natural, free from chemical additives, preservatives, artificial essences or colorants.

A thing about Mymouné packaging: Much like the product itself, it feels very homemade. Labels might not be centered on the bottle. :) It adds to the charm. 

25 cl. / 8.45 fl oz

2 x 2 x 9 inches glass bottle

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