Meet Daphnis & Chloe



Evangelia Koutsovoulou runs her herb business (named after 2nd century AD Greek novelist Longus' naive love story set in the isle of Lesbos) from a small studio that resides beneath the Acropolis hill in Athens. There, she fills jars and boxes with leaves, flowers and spices she sources from natural plantations and family farms scattered across the land of gods and goddesses. Varieties Evangelina collects are endemic to Greece, and they benefit immensely from its diversity of terroir and microclimates. That is why her Oregano from Taygetus could contain up to 30 times more essential oils than generic store brands. Shrubs are handpicked and processed with traditional methods, keeping their fragrance and aroma intact. A quick rub between fingers might transform you to a sunny cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea, where a goatherd is herding his flock in the distance. Look closely, as he might be Daphnis waiting for Chloe to arrive with her sheep. They will kiss. There is poetry to these herbs.

Photo above is from the Freunde von Freunden piece about Evangelia